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Murray would take home the surfboard in the category.After 2004, the show received 18 more nominations and one win, which would again go to Chad Michael Murray in the category of Choice TV Actor: Male.Lafferty took the Ravens jersey he wore in the pilot and the NS23 shoes from the set.4.Though Jackson Brundage was only 6 when he was cast as Jamie, he was really good at memorizing lines.5.was named one of the top television shows in 2009 by the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards.In 2004, the drama received nine nominations at the Teen Choice Awards in the categories of Choice Breakout TV Star Female for Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz and Choice Breakout TV Star Male for James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray.“She was standing in the corner of the set singing — in a parking garage with really good acoustics! Discovering that Lenz indeed wanted to sing on the show (8 p.m.

The court where the Tree Hill basketball games were shot is the same one Michael Jordan played on when he was in school, proving legends really are born in the Tree Hill High gym.3.

Lafferty was 18 years old when the show premiered in September of 2003.

Bethany Joy Lenz and Chad Michael Murray were both 22 years old when they first began to play Haley and Lucas respectively, while Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton were 21 years old at the beginning of the first season.

Haley has a huge arc surrounding her singing chops because Schwahn overheard Lenz singing in a parking lot and decided to give her character a singing career.12.

Music was such a huge part of One Tree Hill that the fictional club Tric was written into the show in Season 2 so the writers could feature more bands and artists.13.

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She commented only that “everyone is very professional.” Schwahn echoed that comment, noting that when Murray and Bush started dating, he had told them, “I hope you are happy for the rest of your lives together, but if you are not, I can’t cater the story line.” Lenz acted and appeared in commercials as a child and later was on the daytime soap opera “Guiding Light” for a couple of years.