Updating website using filezilla on raspberry

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Usually refreshing will solve the issue but a surefire way is to enable the "disable browser cache" option in Chrome's dev console (firefox may have something similar).

When you open the dev console there is a gear in the upper right that opens the options menu.

I installed firefox_52.0.2 build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_and it works perfectly. From reading the logs, it apparently triggers any time it wants to but about once per day.

(For me this was the case.) A few days ago I encountered this issue with FF 55.x.x. I was finding the software and updates to be rather well concealed - it's been a while since I needed to get at things, and memory is failing. I booted RPi Mate today and started ffubuntu0.12.04.1. I purged it, & reinstalled ffubuntu0.12.04.1 again, it works again.

When I tried to upload a file via filezilla I realized that its giving an error (553 Could not create file.). I have a site I have problem viewing files in Filezilla.

In local part, I can see all files and directories.

Relatively quickly I found the fix and rolled it back. But FF still tells google servers that it's a mobile.

The file association for php in File Zilla is php /Applications/ I was playing with my pi server and changing settings. Firefox should launch correctly and open with the two default Ubuntu tabs. Any ideas how to tell the google servers that the firefox is not on a mobile? id=0By Oo Bxsh1l LPd XJ0Wl U2ZEpv VFUhttps://drive.google.com/open? just ignore these messages, they are just warnings. It may well be more appropriate to start a new thread, but the problem is a spinoff from this one, so unless I'm advised otherwise...Run the following command: The true question is why in the hell are updates installed without prompting the user? I have 25 years as a network security consultant and my feeling was less technical and more angry. In my never humble opinion, our Ubuntu over lords have clearly made a policy decision to protect us from our selves.Feel free to complain about this by marking yourself as affected on the bug report I raised about this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ source/unattended-upgrades/ bug/1700930 Absolutely right! In doing so, they have violated our trust and introduced a vulnerability - though unintended.

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