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'I may have experienced much of what I write about through this experience and others in my life, but the emotional impact, the choices I made, and the way in which I was able to grow beyond the experience and be true to myself and live a valuable life helping others be their best was something we all share.'My marriage may have ended 25 years ago and feel like a life time away, but I also remember much of that time like it was yesterday.Anyone who has lived through dramatic and traumatic experiences knows that feeling.

‘Tota mulier in utero’, says one, ‘woman is a womb’.Is a rustling petticoat enough to bring it down to earth?Although some women try zealously to incarnate this essence, it is hardly patentable.But in my work I have the privilege of helping other woman live their dream of motherhood by helping them conceive.'I have attended births and been part of the miracle of birth for clients, friends and family.


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