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Below are just some of the problems we ran into and how we solved them.While working with the new Peer Connection capability in Chrome we discovered a strict order of operation for it to work; more specifically: We fixed it by handling those issues and handling the connection in the order described above.Something else to note is that for this first version our video chat is limited to just two participants per a room.If a room name is occupied by two people the third person who tries to connect to this room simply won’t be able to connect.As always make sure you’re giving this a try in Firefox Nightly or the latest stable build of Google Chrome.

We solved this by creating two instances of recording, one for the audio and one for the video, that utilized the new javascript data types and recorded both streams simultaneously.We’ve been dabbling with recording video Web RTC demo.When recording video we used the new Java Script type arrays to save the streaming data.This was crucial to making the connection work flawlessly.Before we did that it would work only every once in a while.

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