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Online dating for foodies

The Pew Research Center in late 2013 did some interesting research on online dating and some of the attitudes about it had certainly changed, even from just 8 years ago. It may surprise you to know that some of these dating sites are out there – and some are way, way out there!

So it has become more and more acceptable to meet someone via an online dating site. Even if these aren’t your cup of tea or java, they may give you the confidence to know that there truly is someone out there, for everyone!

Patty Stranger is known for her TV show on the Bravo network, The Millionaire Matchmaker. Looking for someone to “Live Long and Prosper” with? It is a dating personals and social community site for Star Trek fans.

“It takes three times the effort you think it’s going to take.” But she says it was very useful in sparking interest, building an initial community, gaining support through funding as well as market research.

“I’ve done a lot of customer research which was fantastic because it meant that I’d be able to refine messaging and develop the site based on feedback,” Mc Gill says.

“I knew that I needed funds to finalise the site and the last development phase but I also knew there were going to be other costs after launch.” In addition to this, she chose crowdfunding as a way to include the founding community in building out the platform’s features.

“Crowdfunding is a really tough gig,” Mc Gill says.

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“Out of the frustration of looking for friends and love online, I decided to create my own platform,” Mc Gill tells When Mc Gill moved to Melbourne from New Zealand, she says she found existing channels to find new friends and form relationships quite disappointing.

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