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(USIA) NARA FILE #: 306-MVP-15-14 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 417 Photographer's Name: Lt. Most writers of fiction matter to us purely for the work they have created.

But in his book, With Love and Rage: A Friendship with Iris Murdoch, he recalls how they "clicked" the moment he entered her office for a supervision – and within weeks were engaged in a passionate clinch at her flat in west London.And he describes his painful memories of how a series of clumsy indiscretions on his part – keeping her letters, and boasting to a peer that her patronage would guarantee him a good mark for his thesis – eventually tipped her from "love" into "rage".Though the pair kept up their correspondence for 29 more years, their meetings became shorter and less frequent.But by last Wednesday it had become impossible not to touch you & to draw you a good deal closer." In the same missive, she describes Morgan's "singularly good-looking head", and hints at less than platonic feelings for him by explaining she has told her husband, the writer and academic John Bayley, about their encounter.In apparent allusions to earlier lovers, such as Nobel prize-winning author Elias Canetti, she writes: "And I want this to be 'clean-cut': I too have had so many muddled & twisted relationships, and I want ours to be steady & clear, & I think it can be.

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I have a strong memory of an interview between Murdoch and the writer A. Wilson in which, when asked about her marriage, she replied: “Oh well; I love, and am loved.” She also informed Wilson that the benefit of marriage is being able to take the other for granted.