Hot chat to stranger without sign up

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Hot chat to stranger without sign up

Anyway, Paul, my first older man, was all of the above, and turned me from a shy girl to a confident, sex hungry woman.

He basically taught me that sex was there to be enjoyed, and it wasn't just men who could go out looking for it or explore their fantasies. Then it was pushed back in, hard, and it took me a moment to realize that he still had both hands on my breasts. I nodded, his cock still throbbing between my lips.

He started a fucking motion now, pulling out and then driving a little more into me each time, until I felt his pubic hair against my buttock and I knew it was all inside me. My asshole was on fire and for the first time ever I orgasmed through my ass, the most intense yet, and it was only through him grabbing my hips and pushing even deeper into my slut ass that I didn't collapse.

The stinging sensation had eased as I got used to the size, and was replaced with little ripples of pleasure. As I finished cumming, I felt the familiar throb of a cock on the verge of orgasm, but just as I was bracing myself in anticipation of receiving his load, he pulled out and got off the bed.

Half way through the first half I chanced another look at my dark stallion, but had to quickly glance away as he was staring at me.

Shit, I thought to my self, why's he looking at me?

So I got a pint, and sat down at a table that gave me a good view of the screen and began to unwind after my day at work.

A few minutes later, Paul removed the blindfold and the stranger was gone.

One day I was tied blindfold and spread-eagled to his bed, sucking on his cock while he worked a dildo into me and told me how good it would be to see another guy fuck me, and as usual I was really getting into it. It smelt strongly of sweat and tasted vaguely of piss, but that just served to heighten my arousal.

The doorbell rang and he said he'd get rid of whoever it was. " He worked the dildo in and out of me, making me squirm. I felt two fingers probing at my cunt and I arched my back, trying to push myself onto them.

Since I was eighteen, when I got involved with a thirty-five-year-old guy, I've been into older men.

They're more experienced, more experimental, often more grateful and often more perverse.

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