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Candidating for a church

As for questions, in my experience the process of hiring (or calling) a pastor is long, so there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. And, I believe God often gives tremendous latitude in where we serve.He has lots of places where we can live out our calling.May the Lord bring to your body the right person at the right time. List your hobbies and any other areas of interest apart from ministry. Describe how you came into a relationship with Christ. Describe your call to the ministry and what motivates you to stay in ministry.

What is your position on the recent movement in churches to become "Seeker Sensitive" or "Seeker Driven"? After reading our doctrinal statement, what do you see as the most crucial points of doctrine a church should embrace?

In the few times I have interviewed with a church — and in the dozens of times I have coached people interviewing with churches — I asked or encouraged lots of questions.

Additionally, I ask to see the church budget (including payroll for staff), bylaws, personnel policies, most recent business meeting minutes, and current financial statements. Obviously some answers will trigger follow-up questions. Of course, if God is calling you here the answers won’t matter, but they will help you prepare to lead.

You may also click on Portfolio if the individual has filled out a portfolio.

This lists more details information about the candidate.

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What follows is an actual questionnaire used by one church to pare down its final 10 candidates for a pastoral position.