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But 22% said that they would probably not or absolutely not when the race is specified to marrying an African-American.

What the data suggests is that when it comes to marrying a Black man there is not much middle ground and there is much more polarization around the issue.

With such a difference between “no” responses where 5% said “no” with race unspecified (thus leaving the person to pick any race/ethnicity in their mind) and 22% said “no” when forced to pick African-American it begs to ask the question as to why this is not being discussed more in the Muslim community.

There are more and more American Muslims every year and society as a whole in the United States has become more accepting of the Muslim religion.

53% would marry outside of their race/culture when race is unspecified and 50% would do so when African-American is specified. You also notice this consistency when the respondent states that they would marry outside of their race as long as it was not against parental desire.

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But in a complex world filled with many divisions on race, class, gender, ethnicity, language and culture the reality often times is in contradiction with the ideal.

Moreover we must consider how we are socialized as far as ideas and images we have regarding marriage.

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