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You want to be supportive of what they're going through, so it takes away from the fan in you. SAM ALIPOUR: Are there any perks to being a jock's girlfriend? ALYSSA MILANO: I don't know if I experienced the typical perks. She's trying to get over her ex husband [and] takes all the wrong advice from her group of friends. Milano: I think that her quirkiness and her geekyness really make her sympathetic, and I think that people will respond to that.

I think it comes from, you know, having some street cred as a celebrity and fan.

If you weren't down with witches before, you are now. It's not quite a date -- but it's nothing to shake your head at, either. I was raised in New York, and New Yorkers have a very distinct passion for sports. I had my own tickets, so I sat with the fans, not in the wives' section. ALYSSA MILANO: I don't know many, but … well-protected. I won't get into rumors, but there was one very public relationship: Carl Pavano's career went downhill after you two split. I also have no doubt he'll recover from Tommy John surgery and make a comeback. If someone asked me to talk about my ex-girlfriend, I'd fumble it. SAM ALIPOUR: One of your many awesome contributions to this world is "Teen Steam," a workout video you did when you were 16. It was an important thing to do, ahead of its time, when schools were cutting back on physical education. I'm on a short list of child actors who made the transition. I've already designed a line for spring '08, and this August we're going out with other sports: NHL, NCAA, NFL outerwear. Content that includes profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior (such as "spamming" or "trolling"), or other inappropriate content or material will be removed.

Milano recently took some time to talk about her clothing line, her passion for sports, and the perks and pratfalls of dating athletes -- but not about how she's helping both India and Angola as an ambassador for UNICEF. Also, wives and girlfriends don't dress in team colors. Because I wasn't going to a regular school, I didn't get to do P. So I worked out with a trainer, and the idea sprang from that. I've actually heard that the video changed a lot of people's lives. G-III, my manufacturing company, is licensed for all of those. We reserve the right to block any user who violates our terms of use, including removing all content posted by that user.

Munn was called a good-luck charm when the Rangers went on a six-game win streak after she started dating the star center in November 2011. She just realized she liked him as a friend and nothing more."Fedorov began dating Kournikova in 1997 and claimed the couple had secretly married in July 2001 but were divorced shortly thereafter. Kournikova also dated Pavel Bure (inset) in 2000 and the two were rumored to be engaged.

Alas, the romance didn't last and by January 2012 a source was telling Us Weekly, "She ended it with him.

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Never heard of her." He might have been the only one, because every other soul in the Mets dugout was focused on Milano, who was at Citi Field to promote her "Touch Boutique" clothing store.

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